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Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

As a young man in the 21st Century, growing up while great advancements have been being made in special effects and animation, it’s easy not to hold some of the great films of the past in low regard.  I watch … Continue reading

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FROZEN In My Tracks

At the risk of sounding sexist or biased, I have to admit that I put off watching Disney’s 2013 blockbuster hit Frozen because, honestly, I thought that it was a “girl movie”. Even more than that, it was a Disney … Continue reading

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INAUGURAL POST: “The Adventures of Captain Marvel”

The 1940s were a monumental period for the science fiction film. Before the end of the decade several important milestones would be reached that have had far-reaching effects on both film-making and science fiction in general. 1948 would mark the … Continue reading

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