Check out my Amazing Stories posts!

On New Year’s Eve this year I found out that Steve Davidson, the current owner and publisher of Amazing Stories, was looking for bloggers. Amazing Stories was founded in the early 20s and is the very first science fiction magazine.

At one time it was at the top of the science fiction short fiction market–then it all but vanished.

Fortunately for us writers and fans, Steve bought it and assembled a staff of writers, artists, computer geeks and bloggers to get the magazine up and running. I saw a notice on Amazing’s website ( and eventually was allowed to join them. My current schedule, as of July 2014, is to write a post for every other Monday.

At the moment, Amazing Stories is a free, fan-based website dedicated to having coverage on just about every aspect of science fiction/fantasy/horror every single day. While it was not my intent, I’ve found that the majority of my small collection of posts for AS so far have all been about films. This pattern was what inspired me to create this blog, which could not exist today if it weren’t for Amazing Stories.

Besides saying thank you to Steve Davidson and the rest of the Amazing Stories team, I thought I’d share my latest Amazing Stories post for you guys and let you see the marvelous job the editors and web team do with the site. I also encourage you to check it out yourself, “like” it and help us restore the very first science fiction magazine to its former glory. Even if you are not that into SF/F/H you should still check it out, even if you just consider it “just another blog.”

So, here is today’s CinemaMan217 offering!

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